Head of the Department of Physical Geography

Research interests

Ph.D. in Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2007
B.Sc. in Geography and History, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2001

Research fields
physical geography, geomorphology, geography of natural disasters, geographic information systems, land degradation, environmental history

Other activities
- chief editor for physical geography of the SCIE and SCOPUS cited journal Acta geographica Slovenica/Geografski zbornik (2011–)
- editor-in-chief of the of the SCOPUS cited journal
Geografski vestnik/Geographical Bulletin (2011–)
- member of editorial board of scientific journals:
Hrvatski geografski glasnik/Croatian Geographical Bulletin (2014–), The Environment (2014–), Geografski pregled/Geographical Review (2014–), Acta Geobalcanica (2015–), Problems of Geography (2016–),
Environmental & Socio-economic Studies (2017–),
- co-editor of book series GIS in Slovenia
- co-editor of book series Natural Hazards
- member of the steering committee of the Commission on Land Degradation and Desertification (COMLAND) of the International Geographical Union (2016–)
- member of the executive committee of the
Association of Slovenian Geographers (2003–2007, 2011–)
- voluntary mountain leader of the
Alpine Association of Slovenia (1996–)

Selected publications
- Perko, D., Ciglič, R., Zorn, M. (eds.) 2020: The geography of Slovenia: small but diverse. Springer Nature.
- Zorn, M., Mikša, P., Lačen Benedičič, I., Ogrin, M., Marija Kunstelj, A. (eds.) 2018. Triglav 240 (Mt. Triglav 240).
- Zorn, M. et al. 2015: Dolina Triglavskih jezer (The Triglav Lakes Valley). Geografija Slovenije 32.
- Gabrovec, M., Hrvatin, M., Komac, B., Ortar, J., Pavšek, M., Topole, M., Triglav Čekada, M., Zorn, M. 2014: Triglavski ledenik (The Triglav Glacier). Geografija Slovenije 30.
- Zorn, M., Razpotnik Visković, N., Repolusk, P., Ferk, M. 2013: Prostorski in regionalni razvoj Sredozemlja - enotni pristop in izbrana orodja (Spatial and regional development of the Mediterranean: A unified approach and selected tools). Georitem 22.
- Komac, B., Zorn, M., Ciglič, R. 2011: Izobraževanje o naravnih nesrečah v Evropi (Natural-disaster education in Europe). Georitem 18.
- Komac, B., Natek, K., Zorn, M. 2008: Geografski vidiki poplav v Sloveniji (Geographical aspects of floods in Slovenia). Geografija Slovenije 20.
- Ažman Momirski, L., Kladnik, D., Komac, B., Petek, F., Repolusk, P., Zorn, M. 2008: Terasirana pokrajina Goriških brd (Terraced landscape in Goriška brda). Geografija Slovenije 17.
- Zorn, M., Komac, B. 2008: Zemeljski plazovi v Sloveniji (Landslides in Slovenia). Georitem 8.
- Zorn, M. 2008: Erozijski procesi v slovenski Istri (Erosion processes in Slovene Istria). Geografija Slovenije 18.
- Komac, B., Zorn, M. 2007: Pobočni procesi in človek (Slope processes and a man). Geografija Slovenije 15.
- Hudson, P. F., Zorn, M. 2019: The role of historic human impacts on modern environmental processes and management: Introduction to special issue. Land Degradation & Development.
- Carey, A. E., Zorn, M., Tičar, J., Lipar, M., Komac, B., Welch, S. A., Smith, D. F., Lyons, W. B. 2019: Glaciochemistry of cave ice: Paradana and Snežna Caves, Slovenia. Geosciences 9-2.
- Peña-Angulo, D., … Zorn, M. 2019: Spatial variability of the relationships of runoffand sediment yield with weather types throughout the Mediterranean basin. Journal of Hydrology 571.
- Breg Valjavec, M., Zorn, M., Čarni, A. 2018: Human‐induced land degradation and biodiversity of Classical Karst landscape: On the example of enclosed karst depressions (dolines). Land Degradation & Development 29-10.
- Breg Valjavec, M., Zorn, M., Čarni, A. 2018: Bioindication of human-induced soil degradation in enclosed karst depressions (dolines) using Ellenberg indicator values (Classical Karst, Slovenia). Science of the Total Environment 640/641.
- Van  Hall, R. L., Cammeraat, L. H., Keesstra, S. D., Zorn, M. 2017: Impact of secondary vegetation succession on soil quality in a humid Mediterranean landscape. Catena 149-3.
- Ferk, M., Gabrovec, M., Komac, B., Zorn, M., Stepišnik, U. 2017: Pleistocene glaciation in Mediterranean Slovenia. Quaternary glaciation in the Mediterranean mountains, Special publication of the Geological Society London 433.
- Tošić, I., Zorn, M., Ortar, J., … 2016: Annual and seasonal variability of precipitation and temperatures in Slovenia from 1961 to 2011. Atmospheric Research 168.
- Del Gobbo, C., Colucci, R. R., Forte, E., Triglav Čekada, M., Zorn, M. 2016: The Triglav glacier (South-Eastern Alps, Slovenia): volume estimation, internal characterization and 2000-2013 temporal evolution by means of ground penetrating radar measurements. Pure and Applied Geophysics 173-8.
- Zorn, M. 2012: Geomorphic activity in flysch badlands of the Istria peninsula (SW Slovenia). Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie N. F., Suppl. 56-3.
- Kuhlicke, C., …, Zorn, M., … 2011: Perspectives on social capacity building for natural hazards: outlining an emerging field of research and practice in Europe. Environmental Science & Policy 14- 7.
- Zorn, M., Komac, B. 2009: The importance of landsliding in a flysch geomorphic system: The example of the Goriška brda Hills (W Slovenia). Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie N. F., Suppl. 56-3.
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Selected projects

Geography of Slovenia - national research programme (research programme • 1 January 201531 December 2021)

Natural disasters (bilateral project • 1 January 201031 December 2012)

OTREMED (applied project • 1 September 201031 August 2013)

CapHaz-Net (framework program • 1 June 200931 May 2012)

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Recognitions & awards

Bronze Medal of the Association of Slovenian Geographers, 2011 • Silver Decoration of the SRS SASA for the top-level doctorate in humanities, 2009 • Acknowledgment from the Youth commission of the Alpine association of Slovenia, 2007 • University of Ljubljana Prešeren Award for students, University of Ljubljana, 2001