The monographs published in the Naravne nesreče (Natural Hazards) book series comprehensively present the work in the field of natural disasters in Slovenia in the last three years. The latest findings are presented from a certain point of view. The books in the collection are published in printed and electronic form, and were also reproduced as a CD in the first three issues (CD, ISSN 1855-8887).

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Instructions for authors
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List of books:
4 Sustainable development of cities and natural disasters
3 (Un)adapted
2 Irresponsible responsibility
1 From understanding to managing


Trajnostni razvoj mest in naravne nesreče
Naravne nesreče 4

Edited by: Matija Zorn, Blaž Komac, Rok Ciglič, Jure Tičar
Year: 2017
Naravne nesreče 3

Edited by: Matija Zorn, Blaž Komac, Miha Pavšek, Rok Ciglič
Year: 2014
Neodgovorna odgovornost
Naravne nesreče 2

Edited by: Matija Zorn, Blaž Komac, Rok Ciglič, Miha Pavšek
Year: 2011
Od razumevanja do upravljanja
Naravne nesreče 1

Edited by: Blaž Komac, Matija Zorn, Miha Pavšek, Polona Pagon
Year: 2010

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