Department of Regional Geography

Drago Perko, Ph. D.

The department main task has been to conduct basic and applied geographical research on Slovenia and its landscapes, to prepare basic geographical monographs on Slovenia as a country and as a part of the world, and to develop geographical onomastics and geographical terminology.


  • Landscape diversity and hotspots of Slovenia
  • The geography of Slovenia: small but diverse. Springer, Cham.
  • Studies for the Commission for the standardization of geographical names of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Definition of a methodology for determination of natural landscape types at local level and their cartographical display for selected Slovenian municipalities
  • Textbooks as Tools for Shaping the Geographical Imagination of Slovenian landscapes
  • Geographical bases for the arbitration procedure for determining the Slovenian-Croatian border
  • Terraced Landscapes in Slovenia as Cultural Values
  • Determination of natural landscape types of Slovenia using geographic information system
  • Slovene exonimes: methods, standardisation and GIS
  • Monitoring of the work of the Commission for the standardization of geographical names of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Standardization of names of world administration units
  • Analysis of conflicts and cultural differences in Northern and Subsaharian Africa – geography
  • The Triglav Glacier as an Indicator of Climate Changes
  • Integral burdening in gravel plains in Slovenia – case study of Ljubljansko polje
  • Triglav Glacier and Glacier under mountain Skuta
  • Factors of uniform regional development in future regional organisation of Slovenia
  • Transformation of landscape due to the modernization of agriculture and changing of settlement pattern
  • Regional comparison of settlement land use changing in Slovene statistical regions in the period 1991–2002 according to selected rural areas
  • Isonzo front – geography
  • Dorling Kindersley World Atlas
  • Geography of the Moravče community
  • Census atlas of Slovenia 2002
  • Posavje in Posotelje (encyclopaedic manual for the traveller)
  • Slovenia in focus
  • Great general lexicon
  • Great school atlas
  • Terminological dictionary of space management and its completing

The geography of Slovenia: small but diverse