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Social capacity building for natural hazards
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1 June 2009–31 May 2012

We started our work in 2009 and cooperated at the workshops in Leipzig in Germany and Lancaster in United Kingdom until now.Our Institute's work will comprise of bringing together the state-of-the art knowledge on risk education. On existing approaches we will propose new solutions to how enhance societies risk awareness. Therefore key studies on education on the EU level as well as on the international level are identified and assessed. Information on initiatives and best practices will be axquired – with special regard to the education centres on natural disasters in the EU. In the beginning of 2010 we analyzed 166 geographic textbooks from 35 European countries at the Georg-Eckert institute for textbook research in Braunschweig, Germany (GEI). The information provided will enable us to enhance education, social and informational resilience of European societies to natural hazards. We will organize a meeting and workshop in Ljubljana in the beginning of June 2010 which will be dedicated especially to education and communication in the field of natural hazards.

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Helmholtz centre for environmental research (Germany) • Insitute for international sociology (Italy) • Middlesex university higher education corporration (U.K.) • Autionomous university Barcelona (Spain) • Swiss federal institute for forest – Snow and landscape research (Switzerland) • DIALOGIK – non-profit insitute for communication and cooperative research Stuttgart (Germany) • University Lancaster (U.K.)

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geography • natural disasters • hazard • risk • education • Europe