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Tool for the Territorial Strategy of the MED Space
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1 September 2010–31 August 2013

Despite its physical and socio-geographic diversity, the European Mediterranean area is facing shared development hurdles. The area’s geographical, economic, and political fragmentation hinders more harmonious and balanced regional development. The tools that the Mediterranean countries and regions use to resolve development challenges do not make it possible to monitor development and spatial patterns at the level of the entire macroregion, which the EU has defined in its territorial cooperation program in the Euro-Mediterranean area, also known as the Mediterranean Program.
The project deals with the main development challenges and factors influencing the attainment of territorial cohesion and competitiveness of Mediterranean regions. Within the project a uniform approach to spatial and regional planning in the Mediterranean macroregion – or a tool for uniformly monitoring the area’s development challenges – has been developed. This tool – SDIMED (Spatial Data Infrastructure of MED) – is based on selected development factors and indicators.


1) Final publication in three languages:
- English version: OTREMED: Tool for competitiveness strategy in the European Mediterranean (2013),
- Spanish version: OTREMED: Instrumento para la estrategia de competitividad territorial en el Mediterraneo Europeo (2013),
- Italian version: OTREMED: Strumento per una strategia di competitività nel Mediterraneo Europeo (2013).

2) Scientific monograph with the title Spatial and regional development of the Mediterranean: A unified approach and selected tools (2013; authors: Matija Zorn, Nika Razpotnik Visković, Peter Repolusk and Mateja Ferk).

3) Internet tool SDIMED (Spatial Data Infrastructure of MED).

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Región del Algarve, Faro, Portugal • Generalitat Valenciana, Valencia, Spain • Institut de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France • Regione Piemonte, Torino, Italy • Regione Emilia-Romagna, Bologna, Italy • Regione Lazio, Rome, Italy • Regione Abruzzo, L'Aquila, Italy • Regione Autónoma della Sardegna, Cagliari, Italy • Regione Sicilia, Palermo, Italy • University of Patras, Patras, Greece

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European Regional Development Fund


spatial development • regional development • territorial factors • territorial indicators • Mediterranean