Rok Ciglič, PhD

+386 1 470 63 65

B.Sc. in geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2008
Ph.D. in Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2013

Research fields
regional geography, geographic information system, environment protection, typification of Slovenia

Other activities
- editor-in-chief of scientific review Acta geographica Slovenica (2020-)
- head of institute's Department for GIS (2014-2021)
- managing editor and member of editorial board of scientific review Geographical Bulletin (Geografski vestnik) (2011-2020)
- member of editorial board of scientific review Acta Geobalcanica (2015-)
- member of editorial board of book serie Geografija Slovenije (2014-)
- member of editorial board of book serie Georitem (2015-)
- coeditor of the Natural hazards (Naravne nesreče) book serie (2011-)
- member of editorial board of GIS in Slovenia (Geografski informacijski sistemi v Sloveniji) book serie (2010-)
- cartographer of Ljubljana geographical society tourist guides (Vodniki Ljubljanskega geografskega društva) book series (2009-2015)
- referee for publishing for Ljubljana geographical society (2009-2015)
- vice-president of Slovenian Young Geographers Association (Društvo mladih geografov Slovenije) (2004-2006)
- coordinator of SCGIS Scholarship program for Slovenia (2011-)

Selected presentations and lectures
- Evaluating suitability of numeric raster data layers according to landscape analysis scale: case study, NE Slovenia. Invited lecture at GIS und Fernerkundung in der Landschaftsanalyse Geokolloquium, University of Graz, Institute for geography and regional science, Graz, Austria, 12. 6. 2019
- Determination of natural landscape types at local (municipality) level with machine learning and statistical methods. Presentation at IGU conference, Krakov, Poljska, 22. 8. 2014
- Europe's landscape hotspots. Presentation at conference. EUROGEO Conference. Geography: linking tradition and future, Bruges, Belgium, 10. 5. 2013 (with D. Perko).
- Evaluating Data Layers According to the Scale of Landscape Classification. Presentation at conference. Esri European User Conference, Oslo, Norway, 16. 10. 2012
- Evaluation of digital data for determination of natural landscape types in Slovenia. Presentation at symposium. »Landscapes: perceptions, understanding, awareness and action«, Bukarest, Rašnov, Romania, 9. 4. 2011
- Podpora odločanju z GIS (Decision support with GIS). Lecture at Department of geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, 3. 11. 2011
- Uporaba odločitvenih dreves (decision trees) v geografiji (Usage of decision trees in geografija). Lecture at Department of geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, 12. 4. 2010
- Spatial Potentials for Development of Settlement System. Presentation at conference.13th Annual Conference of Society for Conservation GIS, Monterey, ZDA, 10. 7. 2010

Bronze Tablet of the Association of the Geographical Societies of Slovenia, 2022
Melik award for best young scientist, awarded by the Association of Slovenian Geographers, 2015

- Ciglič, R., Čonč, Š., Breg Valjavec, M. 2022: The impact of digital elevation model preprocessing and detection methods on Karst depression mapping in densely forested Dinaric mountains. Remote Sensing 14.
- Ciglič, R., Štrumbelj, E., Češnovar, R., Hrvatin, M., Perko, D. 2019: Evaluating existing manually constructed natural landscape classification with a machine learning-based approach. Journal of Spatial Information Science 18.
- Ciglič, R., Perko, D. 2017: A method for evaluating raster data layers according to landscape classification scale. Ecological informatics 39.
- Ciglič, R., Perko, D. 2015: Modelling as a Method for Evaluating Natural Landscape Typology: The Case of Slovenia. Landscape Analysis and Planning. Heidelberg.
- Ciglič, R., Oštir, K. 2014: Application of MODIS products to analyze forest phenophases in relation to elevation and distance from sea. Journal of applied remote sensing 8-1. Bellingham.
- Ciglič, R., Perko, D. 2013: Europe's landscape hotspots. Acta geographica Slovenica/Geografski zbornik 53-1. Ljubljana.

Terraced landscapes (aplikativni_raziskovalni • 01. july 2011 - 31. december 2015)
Advancement of computationally intensive methods for efficient modern general-purpose statistical analysis and inference (aplikativni • 01. march 2016 - 28. february 2019)
CapHaz-Net (okvirni_program • 01. june 2009 - 31. may 2012)
Slovenian Exonyms (aplikativni • 01. february 2008 - 31. january 2011)
Natural landscape types of Slovenia (aplikativni • 01. may 2010 - 30. april 2013)
Possible ecological control of flood hazard in the hill regions of Hungary and Slovenia (mednarodni_raziskovalni • 01. november 2017 - 31. october 2020)
Determination of natural landscape types at local level (01. november 2013 - 30. june 2015)
Geography of Slovenia - national research programme (research programme • 01. january 2015 - 31. december 2021)
Connectivity concept in karst: the doline-cave coupling in the context of human impacts (01. september 2020 - 31. august 2023)
Avalanche hazard management using terrain classification analysis (raziskovalni • 01. september 2020 - 31. august 2023)
The impact of climate change on avalanches in Slovenia (raziskovalni • 01. october 2022 - 30. september 2025)
protection of environment
regional geography
geographic information systems
typification of Slovenia
landscape ecology
quantitative methods