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Research interests

Ph. D. in Geography, Faculty of Humanities, University of Primorska, Slovenia, 2011
B. Sc. in Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2004

Research fields
political geography, regional geography, natural disasters, geographical names, geography of tourism

Other activities

President (2014-2019) and vice-president (since 2019) of Ljubljana Geographical Society
Excursion's commisioner at the Ljubljana Geographical Society (2005–2013)
Slovenian Young Geographers Association: president, member of the executive board in charge of international relations (1998–2000)
Selected publications
Bole, D., Šmid Hribar, M., Pipan, P. 2017: Participatory research in community development: A case study of creating cultural tourism products. AUC Geographica. Univerzita Karlova 52-2.
Pipan, P., Kokalj, Ž. 2017: Transformation of the Jeruzalem Hills cultural landscape with modern vineyard terraces. Acta geographica Slovenica 57-2.
Kladnik, D., Pipan, P., Gašperič, P. 2014: Poimenovanja Piranskega zaliva (Names for the Bay of Piran). Geografija Slovenije 27.
Bandelj, A., Pipan, P. 2014: Videmsko.
Bole, D., Šmid Hribar, M., Kozina, J., Pipan, P. 2014: Sinergija kulture in turizma za razvoj podeželskih območij (The synergy of culture and tourism for the development of rural areas).
Bole, D., Pipan, P., Komac, B. 2013: Cultural values and sustainable rural development: a brief introduction. Acta geographica Slovenica, 52-2.
Mares, P., Rasin, R., Pipan, P. 2013: Abandoned landscapes of former German settlement in the Czech Republic and Slovenia. Cultural severance and the environment: the ending of traditional and customary practice on commons and landscapes managed in common. Springer, Environmental history, vol. 2, 289-309. 
Urbanc, M., Pipan, P. 2011: Climalptour: climate change and its impact on tourism in the Alpine space.
Fridl, J., Urbanc, M., Pipan, P. 2009: The importance of teachers' perception of space in education. Acta geographica Slovenica 49-2.
Kladnik, D., Pipan, P. 2008: Bay of Piran or Bay of Savudrija? An example of problematic treatment of geographical names. Acta geographica Slovenica 48-1.
Pipan, P. 2008: Border dispute between Croatia and Slovenia along the lower reaches of the Dragonja River. Acta geographica Slovenica 48-2.
Pipan, P. 2007: Cross-border cooperation between Slovenia and Croatia in Istria after 1991. Acta geographica Slovenica 47-2.


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Selected projects

TRANS BORDERS (INTERREG • 1 June 201731 May 2020)

Bright Future (research project • 1 March 20171 March 2020)

MEDFEST (INTERREG • 1. November 201631. October 2019)

Coordinated management and networking of Mediterranean wetlands (INTERREG • 1 November 201630 April 2019)

HEPNESS (applied project • 1 January 201731 December 2018)

Cultural landscapes caught between public good, private interests and politics (fundamental research project • 1 October 201430 September 2017)

Recognitions & awards

Special mention of the jury Europa Nostra Awards in category Education, Training and Awareness-Raising for action plan »Cultural heritage and the development of the Črni Vrh rural community«, 2015 • Bronze Medal of the Association of Slovenian Geographers, 2013 • Award of Association of the Geographical Societies of Slovenia for work in Slovenian Young Geographers Association and organization of 12th EGEA Annual Congress in Slovenia 2000, 2001