Zemeljski plazovi v Sloveniji.

Authors: Blaž Komac, Matija Zorn
Publishing House: Založba ZRC
Year: 2008

The book brings a thorough review of landslide susceptibility in Slovenia. In the introductory chapter the most significant geographical and other Slovenian literature on slope processes is listed, and then the basic characteristics of landslides are explained. The landslide susceptibility in Slovenia is presented on the example of twelve large landslides, followed by the chapter on legislation on natural disasters in Slovenia.
The most important part of the book is the detailed description of methods for elaboration landslide susceptibility maps with different methods. The deterministic, statistical and probabilistic methods and corresponding maps are described into detail. Such maps have been elaborated with the geographical information system using the digital elevation model 25 x 25 m. Landslide susceptibility is finally presented in the framework of the regionalization of Slovenia that had been elaborated by the Anton Melik Geographical Institute SRC SASA and for all Slovenian municipalities. The last chapter of the book is important for geomorphology, describing the role of the landslides for the formation of relief.
The book is intended to be used in spatial planning, physical geography, geography of natural hazards and other branches of geography as well as in related sciences.

Table of content


1 Uvod

2 Pregled pomembnejše slovenske literature o pobočnih procesih

3 Vzroki za nastanek zemeljskih plazov

3.1 Padavine kot povod plazenja

4 Plazenje

5 Vrste zemeljskih plazov

6 Nekateri zemeljski plazovi v Sloveniji

6.1 Plazovi v Posočju

6.2 Plazovi na širšem Savinjskem območju

7 Zakonodaja na področju naravnih nesreč in stanje na področju varstva pred zemeljskimi plazovi v Sloveniji

8 Modeliranje plazovitosti in ogroženosti pred zemeljskimi plazovi

8.1 Deterministično modeliranje

8.2 Probabilistično modeliranje

8.3 Statistično modeliranje

9 Zemljevidi plazovitosti Slovenije

9.1 Fizičnogeografske podlage (vplivni dejavniki), uporabljene v izračunih

9.2 Zemljevidi plazovitosti, izdelani z različnimi metodami

9.3 Plazovitost po slovenskih pokrajinah in občinah

10 Zemeljski plazovi kot oblikovalci reliefa

11 Sklep

12 Seznam virov in literature

13 Seznam slik

14 Seznam preglednic

15 Prilogi


natural disasters
physical geography


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