Department of Environmental Protection

Aleš Smrekar, Ph. D.,, 00386 1 4706 547

The department focuses mainly on the environment protection, nature protection, landscape ecology, humane ecology, urban quality of life, green infrastructure, agriculture and environment, hydro geography, constant usage of natural resources, handling and economizing with waste, land degradation, wetland management, environmental interpretation, cultural heritage, public’s awareness and sustainable tourism,.

  • KRASn'KRŠ – Preservation and valorisation of the natural and cultural heritage and development of sustainable tourism in the cross-boarder carst landscape
  • The Invisible Life of Waste: Development of an Ethnography-based Solution for Waste Management in Households
  • WETNET – Coordinated management and networking of Mediterranean wetlands
  • Guidelines for management of tourist destinations based on models of carrying capacity and tourism flows
  • Urban Green Belts – Smart integrated models for sustainable management of urban green spaces for creating more healthy and liveable urban environments
  • SHAPETOURISM – New shape and drives for the tourism sector: supporting decision, integrating plans and ensuring sustainability 
  • HEPNESS – Healthy Environment Promotion aNd Ecosystem Services Support for ACTIVE CITIES development
  • Drafting of the platform for tourism and recreational use of forests
  • BIOMOT – MOTivational strength of ecosystem services and alternative ways to express the value of BIOdiversity
  • 2BParks – Creative Sustainable Management, Territorially Compatible Marketing, and Environmental Education 
  • Waste dumps in the water protection zone, important for the City Municipality of Ljubljana drinking water supply
  • Conflicts of interests in use of groundwater and possible resolution
  • Integral burdening in gravel plains in Slovenia - Case study of Ljubljansko polje
  • PASCALIS – Protocol for the assessment and conservation of aquatic life in the subsurface
  • Environmental report of Kobilarna Lipica (Lipica Stud Farm) plan – 2nd phase
  • Allotment gardening in the City Municipality of Ljubljana as a source of ground pollution, pollution in processed food and in groundwater
  • Waste dumping grounds in the water protection area, important for providing drinking water to the City Municipality of Ljubljana
  • The drafting of the cadastre and the proposal of prioritized rehabilitation of waste dumps in Jarški prod pumping station watershed area
  • The register of water wells and bores in private ownership in the areas of water sources in the City Municipality of Ljubljana
  • Healthy H2O for me