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Healthy H2O for me


SIt’s thought that the society is environmentally satisfactory aware. This stereotype isn’t valid, if we think of many unorganized waste dumps, non-waterproof septic tanks and dung objects, unsuitable handling of pharmaceuticals and pesticides in agriculture. This puts into the spotlight mostly the individuals. Present experiences show a strong correlation between the socioeconomic structure and the population’s awareness, which is a result of long-term informing and education of the population.

Integrated security measures for preserving the quality of the groundwater are needed due to the pressures of the environment. This includes raising the public’s awareness, especially of the youth, which was taken care of with the publication of cardboard portfolio made out of ecological cardboard.

Two illustrations of Ljubljana are seen on the covers. The front page attracts our attention with a romantically arranged landscape, where it is possible to swim and row in the rivers Sava and Ljubljanica, and to bike along them. The centre of the picture focuses on a happy looking young man, flying his kite in the middle of a beautiful nature and is offering the reader a glass of healthy fresh water. There is a sign ‘’ Healthy H2O for me ‘’ seen in the sky. The last page of the portfolio shows the same landscape in a completely different style. The reason for this is, to raise the observer’s attention what to expect of the world, if all the foreseen scenarios come to life. These are: inconstant development with dense urbanization, overflowing traffic burdens, severe impact of industrial activities and non-aware handling of individuals. The young guy in the centre of the picture is fighting against the pollution, but he is the only one and cannot do everything alone. The most attention is made to the sign "my water".

The outside of the portfolio with two inner bookmarks. (figure in high resolution)

The inside of the portfolio with the help of the text and graphical additions show the water resources in Ljubljana as one of the actually and potentially most endangered elements of the environment, in which various urban and rural activities intertwine.

The inside of the portfolio conveys the major activities, which endanger the groundwater. (figure in high resolution)

The maps were given to the school children. On the 22nd of March, the world day of the water, we gave out the maps to all 2700 children, who attended the last class of primary school within the City Municipality of Ljubljana. With this action, the pupils got the chance of getting to know the problematic of drinking water in their local areas and the dangers of its pollution. They also became aware of their own possibilities and ways of preserving quality water resources.

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