Head of the Department of Environmental Protection

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Research interests

B.Sc. in Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 1995
M.Sc.  in Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2000
Ph.D. in Geography, University of Primorska, Slovenia, 2005

Research fields
environment protection, landscape ecology, human ecology, urban area and environment, sustainable development, nature protection, nature value, cultural value, protected area, wetland, environmental interpretation,  aesthetic of a landscape, agriculture and environment, hydrogeography, public awareness, regional geography

Other activities

- member of the Science Council of the GIAM ZRC SAZU
- member of the Acta geographica Slovenica scientific review editorial board
- member of the International Journal of Geoheritage scientific review editorial board
- member of the Steering committee of the biannual symposium “Slovenian regional days”
- executive member of the Commission on Geoparks, International Geographical Union
- president of the research area of ecology and environment protection on the Young researchers reunion of Slovenia, Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia
- member of the editorial board of the ‘Regional development’ series
- member of statistical advisory committee of the statistic of natural resources and environment, Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia 
- member of the Committe of the Infrastucture, Environment and Spatial Planning of the Regional Development Council of the Ljubljana Urban Region 
- president of the Science Council of the ZRC SAZU (2012-2016)
- member of the Council for Sustainable development of the Government of the Republic of Slovenija (2010 – 2012) 
- vice-president of the Council of the Slovenian Museum of Natural History                                      
- vice-president of Ljubljana Geographical Society (2005–2007)
- president of the Ljubljana Geographical Society (2001–2005)

Selected publications

- Smrekar, A., Šmid Hribar, M., Tiran, J., Erhartič, B. 2016: A methodological basis for landscape interpretation : the case of the Ljubljana Marsh. Acta geographica Slovenica 56-2.
- Smrekar, A., Polajnar Horvat, K., Erhartič, B. 2016: The beauty of landforms. Acta geographica Slovenica 56-2.
- Polajnar Horvat, K., Smrekar, A. 2015: Veljavnost osebnega in spletnega anketiranja v geografskem raziskovanju. Geografski vestnik 87-2.
- Polajnar Horvat, K., Smrekar, A., Zorn, M. 2015: The development of environmental thought in Slovenia : a short overview. Ekonomska i ekohistorija 10-10.
- Smrekar, A., Šmid Hribar, M., Tiran, J., Erhartič, B., Resnik Planinc, T. 2014: Interpretacija okolja na primeru Ljubljanskega barja. Georitem, 24. 
- Smrekar, A. 2012: Environmental awareness in Slovenia through residents' relationship to waste. Geografski vestnik 84-1.
- Smrekar, A. 2011: From environmental awareness in word to environmental awareness in deed: The case of Ljubljana. Acta geographica Slovenica 51-2.
- Smrekar, A., Erhartič, B., Šmid Hribar, M. 2011: Krajinski park Tivoli, Rožnik in Šišenski hrib. Georitem, 16.
- Smrekar, A. (ed.) 2009: Okoljsko poročilo z dodatkom za širitev igrišča za golf v Lipici (Environmental report of the expanding the golf course in Lipica).
- Breg, M., Kladnik, D., Smrekar, A. 2007: Dumping sites in the Ljubljansko polje water protection area, the primary source of Ljubljana’s drinking water. Acta geographica Slovenica 47-1.

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Selected projects

Geography of Slovenia - national research programme (research programme • 1 January 201531 December 2021)

Coordinated management and networking of Mediterranean wetlands (INTERREG • 1 November 201630 April 2019)

New shape and drives for the tourism sector: supporting decision, integrating plans and ensuring sustainability (INTERREG • 1 November 201628 February 2018)

Priprava strokovnih izhodišč za turistično in rekreacijsko rabo gozdov (target research project • 1. October 201630. September 2018)

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Recognitions & awards

first place award for "The Interpretation polygon as a tool for understanding the cultural landscape", CLIC national contest for landscapes, category C – General public, 2014 • international award of European project 2Bparks for the integrated interpretation of the Iška river in Ljubljansko barje, the category »Places of Sense«, 2013 • bronze Tablet of the Association of the Geographical Societies of Slovenia, Association of the Geographical Societies of Slovenia, 2007 • special Trstenjak-Fellowship at the birth centenary of academician Prof. Dr. Anton Trstenjak for the doctoral thesis, dr. Anton Trstenjak Foundation, Ljubljana, 2006 • award of the Brest Pohištvo – Fund for masters research papers, Brest, Cerknica, 2002 • distinction of the Association of the Geographical Societies of Slovenia, Association of the Geographical Societies of Slovenia, 2000 • gold medal, Yugoslavian young researchers' meeting, Cetinje, Montenegro, 1986