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The methodology for the determination of primary rehabilitation of illegal waste dumps and the comparison of threats among administrative units with the mentioned illegal waste dumps
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12 October 2009–17 April 2010

The project “Let's clean Slovenia in a day!” is an unprofitable and a non-political activity. It includes all the people of Slovenia, irrespective of their age, education, ethnic, religious or political views and comprises, till this day, the biggest team of volunteers, experts and members of non-governmental organisations, business enterprises, clubs and others as part of the Slovene society. Anton Melik Geographical Institute represents a part of this project which is based mainly on the expert knowledge of the topic at hand. We defined the methodology of primary rehabilitation, which was established on the basis of chosen factors, important from the perspective of the environmental issue of illegal waste dumps. For the needs of the comparison of threats of the administrative units (municipalities, statistical regions, etc.), from the perspective of illegal waste dumps, we established the methodology mentioned above.

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Project manager at ZRC


Ecologists without borders society (holder of activity)


waste • illegal waste dump • rehabilitation • Let's clean Slovenia in a day! • Slovenia