PoLJUBA - Preparation of interpretation materials for the project

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Preparation of interpretation materials for the PoLJUBA project

The main purpose of the PoLJUBA project is the restoration and conservation of wet habitats in the Ljubljansko barje (Ljubljana Marshes). The activities of the project are thus focused on the conservation of three extinct habitat types: cone-dominated grasslands, extensive cultivated grasslands and alcaline fens, and the improvement of the status and protection of endangered species that inhabit wet habitats. For many of these endangered species, the Ljubljansko barje is one of the last remnants of habitat not only in Slovenia but also in Europe. The PoLJUBA project may therefore be one of the last opportunities to try to preserve them. Within the framework of the project, we establish a new interpretive circular path in the area of the entry point to the Nature Park, Rakova Jelša, in order to raise awareness of visitors of the Ljubljansko barje Nature Park. Along the 3 km long path, visitors will be offered the opportunity to get acquainted with the characteristics of the Ljubljansko barje, animal and plant species and their habitats with various interpretive tools at the arranged interpretive stations. Special attention is paid to butterflies false ringlet and scarce large blue, grassland migratory corn crake, dragonfly Eurasian Bluets, the only Slovenian autochthonous freshwater turtle European pond terrapin, hermit beetle and the amphibian Yellow-bellied toad.

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