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Data Infrastructure of the Alps – Mountain Orientated Network Technology
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Franci Petek, Ph. D.
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1 March 2005–29 February 2008

DIAMONT in an international project organized in the frames of INTERREG III B program for Alpine regions. The project was approved at the end of 2004 and will last till 2008. Conceived with the steering bodies of the Alpine Convention (AC), DIAMONT aims to give a vital impulse to the relaunch of SOIA (System for Observation of and Information on the Alps).  It will take into account the rating of experts as well as the expectation and experieeces of regional stakeholders. The intensive cooperation and dialog between private corporations, public authorities, scientific institutions, non governmental organisations and stakeholder within the projects result in better understanding of the relevant driving force.

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EURAC: Accademia Europea di Bolzano • Alpine Environment, Partner Bosch & Partner GmbH • CEMAGREF: Groupement de Grenoble • Unité de Recherche Dévelopment des Territoires Montagnards • Ifuplan: Institut für Umweltplanung • Landschaftsplanung und Naturschutz • UNCEM: Unione Nazionale Comuni Comunità Enti Montani • FWR-HSG: Forschungsstelle für Wirtschaftsgeographie und Raumordnungspolitik

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regional development • databases • instruments of regional development • participation process • Alps