Head of the Department of natural hazards

Research interests

B. Sc. in Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2000
M. Sc. in Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2003
Ph. D. in Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2005

Research fields
Physical geography, Geomorphology, Geography of natural hazards, Paleoclimate, Geographical information systems

Other activities

  • Member of the European Science & Technology Advisory Group (E-STAG) at the United Nations  International Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UN DRR) (Since 29. 3. 2018)
  • Vice-president of the Institute's Scientific Council,
  • Editor-in-chief of the Acta geographica Slovenica/Geografski zbornik SCI-E journal (2004–),
  • Editor-in-chief of the Ujma journal, issued by the Administration of Civil protection and disaster relief of the Republic of Slovenia,
  • Lecturer at the Faculty of humanities, University of Primorska, Koper (until 2015),
  • Co-organizer of the Bojan Ušeničnik day – triennal symposium Natural hazards of Slovenia,
  • Co-editor of the Natural hazards book series,
  • Member of the IGU Hazard and Risk Commision,
  • Secretary of the Geomorphological Society of Slovenia (2001–2011),
  • Lectures commisioner at the Ljubljana Geographical Society (2001–2005),
  • A member of The Natural Disaster Commission appointed by the Government of Slovenia (November 2000 – January 2001) at the occasion of the Log pod Mangartom debris flow
Selected publications







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Selected projects

Geography of Slovenia - national research programme (research programme • 1 January 201531 December 2021)

Natural disasters (bilateral project • 1 January 201031 December 2012)

Possible ecological control of flood hazard in the hill regions of Hungary and Slovenia (international research project • 1 November 201731 October 2020)

Advancement of computationally intensive methods for efficient modern general-purpose statistical analysis and inference (applied project • 1 March 201628 February 2019)

Terraced Landscapes (applied project • 1 December 200431 December 2007)

Slovenian Exonyms (applied project • 1 February 200831 January 2011)

OTREMED (applied project • 1 September 201031 August 2013)

CapHaz-Net (framework program • 1. June 200931. May 2012)

Recognitions & awards

The University of Ljubljana Prešeren Award for students, University of Ljubljana, 2001 • The distinction of the Association of the Geographical Societies of Slovenia, Association of the Geographical Societies of Slovenia, 2004