Research interests

BSc in Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2003
PhD in Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2008

Research fields
economic geography – cultural industries, economic transformation of city and countryside, urban geography – tertiarisation and post Fordism, transport geography – daily mobility and land use

Other activities

- member of The Executive Committee and a secretary of the Association of Geographical Societies of Slovenia (2004 – 2007),

- member of the Steering committee of the biannual symposium “Slovenian regional days” (2009 onwards),

- member of the editorial board of the ‘Regional development’ series (2009 onwards),

- member of the editorial board of the ‘Geography of Slovenia’ series (2008 onwards),

- member of the editorial board and the main editor for urban geography of the international journal Acta Geographica Slovenica (2016 onwards),

- guest editor of thematic issues of Acta Geographica Slovenica (54/1 and 53/2) and Regions magazine (Regional Studies Association 2009, 2012), guest co-editor of the Georhythm series (2015, 2016),

- member of scientific board of the international conference Geographical research and cross-border cooperation within the lower basin of Danube (2014).

- guest editor of the Special Issue in the Urban Science journal (MDPI, 2019)

- member of the International editorial advisory board at the Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis (2018– …)

- member of the HERA Public Spaces International Review Panel (Humanities in the European Research Area) in 2018 and 2019.

Selected presentations and lectures

- Geography of daily mobility in post-socialist European countries: evidence from Slovenia. Association of American Geographers in Chicago, USA, April 2015

- Assessing and planning the human settlement system in Slovenia: a preliminary report. Lecture at the Annual Conference of the Regional Studies Association (RSA) in Graz, Austria, April 2016

- Emerging transport land use changes in post-socialist urban environment: example of Slovenia. Lecture at IV. EUGEO congress 2013, Rome, Italy.

- SY_CULTour: synergy of culture and tourism. Invited lecture at the international conference Cultural values and tourism development in rural areas 2013, Heraklion, Greece.

- Studying daily commuting network in Slovenia : one country, one metropolis? Lecture at the Cities without limits 2011 Conference, Kobenhavn, Denmark.

- The European Industrial Town: Understanding (post)industrial transitions through local narratives. Lecture at the EURA-UAA »City Futures IV« conference in Dublin, Ireland (June 2019). 

Selected publications

- Bole, D. 2004: Dnevna delovna mobilnost v Sloveniji (Daily mobility of workers in Slovenia). Acta geographica Slovenica 44-1.

- Bole, D., Ravbar M. 2007: Geografski vidiki ustvarjalnosti (Geographic aspects of creativity). Georitem 6.

- Bole, D. 2008: Ekonomska preobrazba slovenskih mest (Economic transformation of Slovene cities). Geografija Slovenije 19.

- Bole, D., Gabrovec, M. 2009: Dnevna mobilnost v Sloveniji (Daily mobility in Slovenia). Georitem 11.

- Bole, D., 2010: Sekundarna gospodarska središča v Ljubljani : analiza stanja in presoja načrtovanega razvoja (Secondary business districts in Ljubljana : analysis of conditions and assessment of planned development). Urbani izziv 21-1.

Bole, D. 2011: Changes in Employee Commuting: A Comparative Analysis of Employee Commuting to Major Slovenian Employment Centers from 2000 to 2009. Acta geographica Slovenica 51-1. Ljubljana.

- Bole, D., Gabrovec, M. 2012: Daily commuters in Slovenia. Geografski vestnik 84, 1.

- Urbanc, M., Nared, J., Bole, D. 2012: Idrija : a local player on the global market. Locality, memory, reconstruction : the cultural challenges and possibilities of former single-industry communities. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

- Bole, D., Gabrovec, M. 2014: Geography of Daily Mobilities in Post-Socialist European Countries: Evidence from Slovenia. Mobilities in socialist and post-socialist states, Eds.: K. Burrell, K. Hörschelmann. Palgrave Macmillan.

Bole, D. 2015: Transformation of Transportation Land Use in Slovenia. Georitem 25. Založba ZRC.

- Kozina, J., Bole, D. 2016. Creativity at the European periphery : spatial distribution and developmental implications in the Ljubljana region. Creative industries in Europe: drivers of new sectoral and spatial dynamics. Ur.: Chapain, C., Stryjakiewicz, T. Springer International Puclishing. doi:

- Bole, D., Šmid Hribar M., Pipan P. 2017. Participatory research in community development: a case study of creating cultural tourism products. AUC Geographica 52-2. doi:

- Kozina, J., Bole, D. 2018. The impact of territorial policies on the distribution of the creative economy: tracking spatial patterns of innovation in Slovenia. Hungarian geographical bulletin 67, 3. doi: 10.15201/hungeobull.67.3.4. 

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Selected projects

Geography of Slovenia - national research programme (research programme • 1 January 201531 December 2021)

Bright Future (research project • 1 March 20171 March 2020)

MEDFEST (INTERREG • 1. November 201631. October 2019)

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Recognitions & awards

Melik award for best young scientist (awarded by the Association of Slovenian Geographers, 2011)