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Geomorfološke značilnosti eogenetskih karbonatnih kamnin v Sloveniji in Združenih državah Amerike
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1 October 2019–30 September 2021

The bilateral project aims to establish the collaboration with our partners in the USA. Together with our partners from the Mississippi State University, we aim to focus on geological, morphological and genetic characteristics of the landscape features on eogenetic rocks in Slovenia and USA with a special attention to porosity, which has a great influence in distribution of geomorphological forms and their morphology. Our main goals are to strengthen collaboration by studying speleogenesis in eogenetic settings in Slovenia and USA, comparing surface features and explaining their differences, and relate Earth drivers in eogenetic settings to palaeoclimate.

Project manager at ZRC

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Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS)


geomorfologija • geologija • sedimentologija • kras • speleogeneza