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Department of Physical Geography

Matej Lipar, Ph. D.

The department was established in 2002 from the then Department for geoecology (established on October 14, 1994). The department of physical geography focuses on physical geographical research of natural and geoecological processes in Slovenia. Erosinal-denudational processes (soil erosion), slope processes (rockfalls, landslides, debris flows, erosion) and hydro-geomorphological processes (floods, avalanches) are mostly studied. One of the oldest Slovenian projects is held at the department. It has been dealing with the Triglav Glacier and the Glacier under the Skuta mountain since 1946, that is two years before the Anton Melik geographical institute was established. The changes of intensity of hydro-geomorphic processes in the last centuries in Slovenia are also accented (historical-ecological researches), geographical information systems as a method for physical-geographical research are examined and terminological issues are considered at the department.



  • Physical Geography Laboratory
  • Application of geographic information system for landform classification of Slovenia
  • Triglav Glacier and Glacier under mountain Skuta
  • The Triglav Glacier as an Indicator of Climate Changes
  • Modern physical geography changes in mountain landscapes in Slovenia and Montenegro
  • Landforms and geomorphic processes in Slovenia
  • Avalanches onthe regional road (R1-206) Kranjska Gora–Vršič–Trenta
  • FABRICA – Geography of the Kras region, Center of excellence
  • Comparision of avalanche mapping and paravalanche techniques in Slovenia and Turkey
  • Isonzo/Soča front – geography
  • Geographical terminological dictionary
  • Terminological dictionary of space management and its completing
  • Land use changes in the Goriška brda region, INTERREG IIIB Alps
  • Land use changes in Central Europe: Slovenia and Czech Republic