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Authors: Rok Ciglič, Mauro Hrvatin, Drago Kladnik, Drago Perko, Peter Repolusk, Manca Volk
Year: 2013

This volume (‘A List of Slovenian Exonyms’) is a contribution to fostering greater consistency in the use of Slovenian exonyms, or geographical names adapted to Slovenian. It provides material for their standardization and at the same time ensures that this important aspect of Slovenian will not to sink into oblivion. The volume has three parts. Part one contains theoretical and methodological reflections on exonyms, with an emphasis on explaining basic concepts, the use of exonyms, gathering and selecting them to design a collection of exonyms, and presentation of an analysis of their frequency. It concludes with two chapters that serve as links to the other two parts of the volume. The first presents the format of the table in detail. This table, with a list of the most frequently used exonyms (3,818), comprises the second part of the book and is supplemented by a table with a list of over 350 of the most established alternative exonyms. The third part of the volume contains color maps containing exonyms from the table in part two, arranged by part of the world and divided according to semantic type of exonym.

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