Podomačena tuja zemljepisna imena v slovenskih atlasih sveta

Author: Drago Kladnik
Year: 2007

This study presents various aspects of the use of adapted exonyms (i.e., foreign geographical names) in Slovenian. The cartographic use of these names rests on a long tradition dating back nearly a century and a half. This study presents the issues related to the use of adapted exonyms in all major Slovenian world atlases, including the Veliki splošni leksikon (Large General Encyclopedia) and the dictionary section of the latest Slovenski pravopis (Slovenian Normative Guide). Adapted exonyms are treated based on their regional affiliation and semantic type and, for names in the four most prominent atlases, the typology of Slovenianized exonyms has been redesigned and studied with regard to level and type of adaptation. The use of adapted exonyms in the individual sources treated is critically discussed, enabling an onomastic understanding of their actual value and reliability. The collected material is a basis for the greatly needed standardization of adapted exonyms, as recommended by the resolutions of the United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names. These resolutions consistently demand that individual UN member states limit the use of exonyms, which to some degree contradicts the principle of linguistic autonomy.

Table of content

1 Uvod

2. Uporabljena metodologija

2.1 Izdelava zbirke podomačenih tujih zemljepisnih imen

2.1.1 Uporabljeni viri

2.1.2 Problematika določanja oziroma izbora ustreznih zemljepisnih imen

2.2 Obdelava zbranega gradiva

2.2.1 Členitev podomačenih tujih zemljepisnih imen po regionalni pripadnosti

2.2.2 Členitev podomačenih tujih zemljepisnih imen po pomenskih tipih

2.2.3 Tipologija tujih zemljepisnih imen glede na stopnjo in vrsto podomačevanja

2.3. Ponazoritveni postopki

3. Problematika rabe tujih zemljepisnih imen v preučenih slovenskih virih

3.1 Atlant

3.2 Zemljepisni atlas za ljudske šole

3.3 Zemljepisni atlas za srednje in njim sorodne šole

3.4 Šolski atlas

3.5 Veliki atlas sveta

3.6 Atlas sveta

3.7 Veliki družinski atlas sveta

3.8 Moje prvo čudovito raziskovanje sveta

3.9 Geografski atlas za osnovno šolo

3.10 Atlas sveta 2000

3.11 Družinski atlas sveta

3.12 Geografski atlas sveta za šole

3.13 Veliki šolski atlas

3.14 Priročni atlas sveta

3.15 Atlas sveta za osnovne in srednje šole

3.16 Veliki atlas sveta

3.17 Veliki splošni leksikon

3.18 Slovenski pravopis 2001

4. Razvojni vidiki rabe tujih zemljepisnih imen

4.1 Primerjalna analiza rabe tujih zemljepisnih imen v preučenih atlasih sveta in drugih virih

4.2 Podomačena tuja zemljepisna imena glede na stopnjo in vrsto podomačevanja

5 Sklep

6 Seznam virov in literature

7 Seznam slik

8 Seznam preglednic


adaptation of foreign geographical names
foreign geographical names


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