Družbeni učinki urbanega kmetijstva.

Authors: Nela Halilović, Mateja Šmid Hribar, Saša Poljak Istenič, Jani Kozina, Jernej Tiran
Publishing House: Založba ZRC
Year: 2019

The book presents urban agriculture as an innovative and effective tool for achieving wider social effects regarding the participation in decision-making processes, social inclusion, and sustainable urban development. Despite the many social and economic benefits, this kind of agriculture has still not gotten the proper support at the international and national political levels. In Slovenia, there are no clear guidelines and standards for its promotion, protection and management. This is why one of the purposes of this book is to encourage the first step towards bridging the gap between the national and local levels. The overview of good urban agriculture practices in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and North America attests that the wider social effects are most often ensured by community, social, educational, and therapeutic gardens that bring together many diverse stakeholders. The book illustrates how urban agriculture, when designed in a collaborative and inclusive manner, can result in improved public services, boost active citizenship, and contribute to a better urban structure and image.

Table of content

1 Uvod
2 Teoretski okvir
     2.1 Opredelitev in razvoj urbanega kmetijstva
     2.2 Urbano kmetijstvo kot orodje za participacijo
     2.3 Urbano kmetijstvo kot orodje za socialno vključevanje 
     2.4 Urbano kmetijstvo kot dejavnik trajnostnega urbanega razvoja
3 Mednarodni okvir spodbujanja razvoja in upravljanja urbanega kmetijstva 
     3.1 Urbano kmetijstvo v mednarodnih strateških dokumentih 
     3.2 Urbano kmetijstvo v projektih evropskega sodelovanja
4 Nacionalni okvir spodbujanja razvoja in upravljanja urbanega kmetijstva
5 Urbano kmetijstvo kot gradnik mesta na primeru Velenja 
     5.1 Načrtovanje mesta v parku in začetki urbanega kmetijstva 
     5.2 Načrtno urejanje urbanega kmetijstva 
     5.3 Novejši primeri urbanega kmetijstva za doseganje družbenih učinkov
6 Dobre prakse urbanega kmetijstva s širšimi družbenimi učinki 
     6.1 Skupnostni vrtovi 
     6.2 Socialni vrtovi 
     6.3 Vzgojno-izobraževalni vrtovi 
     6.4 Terapevtski vrtovi 
     6.5 Ključne značilnosti uspešnih vrtičkarskih praks
7 Sklep
8 Seznam virov in literature
9 Seznam slik
10 Seznam preglednic


participatory planning
social inclusion
sustainable development
urban gardens
urban farms


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