Atlas of industry and industrial towns in Europe.

Edited by: Manca Volk Bahun, David Bole, Rok Ciglič
Publishing House: Založba ZRC
Year: 2018

This online atlas is a tool developed in the BRIGHT FUTURE project. It contains the most basic data concerning industry and its development in spatial context. The main aim is to map basic industrial characteristics on two spatial levels: on the European level, where we seek to present basic characteristics of industrial development in connection with urban and developmental typologies; and on a local level where we wish to present our concept and typology of the “small and medium-sized industrial European town”. The main aim of this tool is to provide an interactive, user-friendly geographical overview of different dimensions of industry in Europe, and especially various possible typologies and issues of small and medium-sized towns. It is intended to be used for information and education purpose, particularly by students, practitioners and the general public. Its aim is also to promote the importance of conducting social and cultural research of industrial towns in order to better understand their evolution and plan their future.
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