Janez Nared, Ph. D.

Department is engaged in human and economic geography, regional planning and applied geography.

Slovene Regional Days

Current projects

  • WIKIAlps: A wiki for capitalising on spatial-development projects
  • SY_CULTour: Synergy of Culture and Tourism: Utilization of Cultural Potentials in Less Favored Rural Regions (Transnational cooperation in Southeastern Europe)
  • CHERPLAN: Enhancement of Cultural Heritage through Environmental Planning and Management (Transnational cooperation in Southeastern Europe)
  • RURBANCE: Rural-Urban Inclusive Governance Strategies and Tools for the Sustainable Development of Deeply Transforming Alpine Territories (Transnational cooperation in Alpine Space)
  • OTREMED: Tool for the Territorial Strategy of the MED Space (Transnational cooperation in Mediteranian)
  • Transport land use: changes and effects on everday life (postdoctoral research project)

Past projects

  • Catch_MR: Cooperative approaches to transport challenges in Metropolitan Regions (Interreg IVC)
  • ClimAlpTour: Climate Change and its Impact on Tourism in the Alpine Space (Transnational cooperation in Alpine Space)
  • CAPACities: Competitiveness Actions and Policies for Alpine Cities (Transnational cooperation in Alpine Space)
  • DIAMONT: Data Infrastructure of the Alps – Mountain Orientated Network Technology (Interreg IIIB Alpine Space)
  • Analysis of modern business, shopping and other economic centres in Ljubljana
  • Settlement development in Slovenia under the influence of urbanisation at the break of the millennium
  • Factors of uniform regional development in future regional organisation of Slovenia
  • Daily traffic migration to work and school
  • Transformation of landscape due to the modernization of agriculture and changing of settlement pattern
  • Judgement of instruments and mechanisms of regional policy
  • Regional comparison of settlement land use changing in Slovene statistical regions in the period 1991–2002 according to selected rural areas
  • Monitoring regional development
  • Sustainable arrangement of traffic on local level
  • Effects and influences of investments on regional and spatial development
  • Demographical analysis of Slovene Communities
  • Geography of the Moravče community
  • Geographical terminological dictionary
  • Life improvement in the Ljubljana city community from the point of monitoring of quality of settling conditions and intraurban migrations
  • System of spatial arrangement
  • Terminological dictionary of space management and its completing
  • Regulation on the content of elaboration of the report on the status of spatial arrangement and minimal uniform indexes
  • Role of research at the creation of city successfulness
  • Scheme of chemist’s shops network in Slovenia