Rok Ciglič, Ph. D.

The department works on geographic information system (GIS) development and prepares GIS support for various institute projects.

Important links
- "Geografski informacijski sistemi v Sloveniji (Geographic information systems in Slovenia)" book series
- simposium "GIS v Sloveniiji" (2014, 2012, 2010, 2008 and earlier)
- collection ("UHI Atlas - Urban Heat Island Atlas")

Examples of projects (list of all the projects)

  • Natural landscape types of Slovenia (landscape classification with various geoinformatic tools)
  • Determination of natural landscape types at local level (landscape classification with various geoinformatic tools)
  • Transport land use in Slovenia (land use classification with various geoinformatic tools)
  • Relief classification of Slovenia (relief classification with various geoinformatic tools)
  • UHI – Development and application of mitigation and adaptation strategies and measures for counteracting the global urban heat islands - link to UHI Atlas (web application, satellite image processing)
  • Natural hazards without frontiers (modeling of natural processes, data acqusition, web application)
  • General map of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Daily Mobility to Work and School
  • Regional comparison of settlement land use changing in Slovene statistical regions in the period 1991-2002 according to selected rural areas
  • Isonzo front – geography
  • Elaboration of public passenger transport zoning system in the Republic of Slovenia
  • Elaboration of national time-table and tariff system for bus public passenger transport
  • Elaboration of accessibility standards to the public passenger transport
  • Census atlas of Slovenia 2002
  • Integral burdening in gravel plains in Slovenia – Case study of Ljubljansko polje
  • SIJPRO – Preparation of professional background for performing public passenger transport in Slovenia
  • The drafting of the cadastre and the proposal of prioritized rehabilitation of waste dumps in Jarški prod pumping station watershed area
  • The register of water wells and bores in private ownership in the areas of water sources in the City Municipality of Ljubljana

Publications (stil in progress ...)

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