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Research interests

B. Sc. in Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2005
Ph. D. in Karstology, Graduate school, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Research fields

  • physical geography, geomorphology, karst, dolines, soils, sediments, vegetation 
  • land degradation, human impacts, protection of karst, bioindication
  • geoinformatics, GIS, remote sensing, Lidar, digital terrain model, electrical resistivity tomography
  • geodiversity, geoheritage, geotourism

Other activities



  • Bioindication of human-induced land degradation in potential karstic microrefugia. Plenary lecture: IGU thematic conference, Koper 2019. 
  • Karst depressions : geoheritage hotspots on karst surface. Karst hydrogeology - research trends and applications. 27th International Karstological School "Classical Karst", Postojna 2019.
  • Recognising karst geodiversity using LIDAR data : case study of doline. Naučni skup 125 godina od publikovanja monografije Das Karstphänomen Jovana Cvijića. Beograd 2018.
  • Interpretation model of karst geoheritage in Dinaric Karst. Geotrends. Wrocław 2017.
  • Changing river courses and national borders. Geobalcancia Conference, Skopje 2017.
  • Modeling of habitat types in karst landscape with high resolution satellite imagery and digital terrain model. 36th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment, Berlin 2015.
  • Applicability of historical aerial photographs in landscape change studies on Isonzo Front. (Re)discovering the Great War : multidisciplinary research of modern conflicts : Ljubljana - Kobarid 2015.
  • Detection of filled dolines by 3D surface modelling. Karst forms and processes, 20th International Karstological School "Classical Karst", Postojna 2012.
Selected publications


    Breg Valjavec M., Ciglič R., Oštir K., Ribeiro D. (2018). Modelling habitats in karst landscape by integrating remote sensing and topography data. Open geosciences 10(1) 137-156


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    Selected projects

    Geography of Slovenia - national research programme (research programme • 1 January 201531 December 2021)

    Preservation and valorisation of the natural and cultural heritage and development of sustainable tourism in the cross-boarder carst landscape (INTERREG • 1 September 201729 February 2020)

    Remote sensing of landfills (postdoctoral research project • 1 October 201330 June 2015)

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    Recognitions & awards

    Melik Award for young scientist (Slovenian Association of Geographers, 2015) • Award "Excellent trainee" (International Research Centre on Karst under the Auspices of UNESCO, Guilin, China, November 2018)