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Bright future for black towns: reinventing European industrial towns and challenging dominant post-industrial discourses
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1 March 2017–1 March 2020
H6-8284 (B)

BRIGHT FUTURE is a project with the main objective to develop place-specific urban strategies for industrial towns in Europe by respecting their strengths, needs and expectations. The goal is to go beyond dominant economy-driven post-industrial strategies, which are more suited for large cities and to adopt new post-industrial narratives better suited to European urban realities. We are interested in assets and strengths of particular case studies. They will lead to new social and organisational innovations enabling small towns to adapt, to be resilient, and to be sustainable.

Those innovations are considered to be the key outcome of the project and streamlining them into planning and institutional practices is important. The project will have an impact on small towns that are trying to adapt to urban change:

• by increasing understanding of how cities that are dependent on manufacturing can thrive in the future;

• by understanding their economic, cultural and social dynamics;

• by gaining practical knowledge about the innovation and inspiration that can be taken from different cities and replicated or transferred to other situations.

To achieve this goal the project has a strong trans-disciplinary focus involving non-academic participants in the research.

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Horizon 2020 ERA-NET Cofund scheme, Slovenian Research Agency


post-industrial strategies • smart urban strategies • social innovations • neo-industrial development • industrial towns